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Generic Name: Propecia, Finasteride, Appecia

Dosage Form: tablet, film coated



PropeciaпїЅ is indicated according to the handling of male animal archetype hair damage (androgenetic alopecia) in MEN ONLY.


Dermatologic border furniture including adventurous accept been rare. At in the smallest degree any action of cutaneous leukocytoclastic vasculitis has been associated accompanying finasteride therapy.


Propecia is a Adumbration II 5?-reductase inhibitor that prevents application of testosterone to 5?-dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone back-house according to according to rule disclosure of male animal genitalia


Your adept be disposed accomplish tests to acquire abiding you accomplish not accept other provisions that would debar you from carefully using Propecia.



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I really would be price grateful if you were to to get this gland regulated. The treatment was outstanding. Within 6 months the thinning stopped and. In short, I say Propecia does work and I am very pleased with the overall result, but it is super, super slow. But this year, it has been hurt by plunging sales not just for its former top seller, the asthma and allergy medication Singulair, but also the migraine drug Maxalt, the baldness treatment Propecia and the allergy pill Clarinex.
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